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Charlies Custom Creations & Machine is a full service facility specializing in auto restorations to extreme custom builds.Charlie has had a dream of building and designing classics           48390111 2554761021232061 4343982609538220032 n    since he was 13 years old.He has assembled a team of very talented individuals to produce the best quality and cutting edge designs. We are here to help with the smallest of jobs to the turn key builds.


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Swanson began to explore how to support the growing hemp industry in the southeastern USA and in Tennessee at the last of 2017 as we had a Hemp processor that asked to rent warehousing to make industrial hemp biomass into CBD crude oil, CBD distillate and CBD Isolate.  
One of our family members then further researched the industry and Swanson licensed and rented farm land for growing hemp in 2018 and a family member grew 5 acres. And in Manchester Tennessee our hemp was dried, trimmed and made ready for extraction and flower. 
We have also now leased to several CBD shops, vape shops and other tenants who are selling CBD products. 
Swanson is familiar with the legalities, processes and needs of the industrial hemp and CBD market and eager to continue to learn and work with corporations, individuals and farms as this renewed market develops around the world and the United States. Come see us we are well positioned with hundreds of acres of farm land and 3.000.000 sq ft of industrial buildings, office and retail space as well as 300 acres zoned for future industrial warehousing. 
Visit our website at Swanson Health - Gen 1:29 CBD Oil and our Facebook page